Jan 31

Space Invaded 1/31 – “Submission of the Week” begins!

I slit a sheet. A sheet I slit. Upon a sliding sheet I sit. Say that three times REALLLLY FAST.

Welcome in to all who are visiting. Hoping I put something fun together for you today! We have a ton of tickets to hand out including Adam Ant, Mutemath, Dr. Dog, The Dear Hunter, Groundation & more. You can actually click on THIS to grab more info.

Today’s Space Invaded is acting as a launch pad for a new segment we’ll be running weekly on Indie1031.com called “Indie1031.com Submission of the Week”. It will spotlight some of the great music we receive on a daily basis from around the world in our “SUBMISSIONS” section of the Indie website. If you’re a band or know a band that you think fits the Indie1031.com feel. Send them our way!

First up is a band made up of two sets of brothers out of Georgia called OAKLYNN. You can find more info on the band by clicking HERE or listen at 12:00PM (PT) for more info.

Feel free to contact the show with music suggests, dirty jokes, naked pictures or BBQ recipes via email Teddroman@indie1031.com , twitter @TeddRoman or Facebook .

Hope you enjoy the show. Check out these videos while you doing so.


Bobcat Goldthwaite is a genius!

THIS is the ONLY reason to have children. So you can train them to do cool shite!

I LOVE that Lucas allowed this! Oh yeah and Chris Pratt is a genius.

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Jan 24

Space Invaded 1/24 – Touché in studio, Neil Diamond B-Day, Bon Joviver & General FUN

We’re walking around the Indie1031.com studios with quite a full plate today on Space Invaded. We MUST send some Burfday love to Mr. Neil Diamond. He actually doesn’t celebrate “birthdays” anymore. He ONLY celebrates “Burfdays”. Trust me we  asked. The pictures below are from the actually party we are having with his “Burfday Cizake”.

Email any “Burfday Wishes” to Neil here. We’ll be reading them on air – Teddroman@indie1031.com   @TeddRoman

Along with all of the Neil, we have an in studio performance from Alex Lilly & Bram Inscore of the band Touché.

Indie1031.com Presents the Touché residency at The Central in Santa Monica each Tuesday for the the remainder of January.

Other Random Fun in video form

What happens when you marry Bon Jovi & Bon Iver?


Jim Henson CLEARLY did a LOT of drugs!











Jan 17

S.I.R. 1/17 – If it’s the first time you’re hearing it, it’s NEW to you

Today’s Space Invaded is dedicated to “FUN, EXCITING & NEW…. to YOU”.

This is where you say … “Huh? I don’t get it Tedd”.

Mmmmkay, I’ll explain. Very early on one of the long weekend mornings I had planted my fat ass on the couch and started watching youtube videos of random shit (I actually found some pretty awesome wastes of time that I’ve posted below). But as my 3rd cup of coffee shifted to a morning cocktail I came across a particular video that made me very happy. Actually it made me jealous. Of a DOG.

Before you start emailing me that “You’ve seen this video already. Old hat. Lame! That’s so yesterday”, I would like to send a HUGE FUCK YOU your way and say “It’s NEW to ME dickwad. It makes me smile and I like it!”. Please enjoy the inspiration for today’s S.I.R…..

Look how HAPPY this little dude is. This is the greatest thing he has ever seen or experienced. So AWESOME. I want that.

Now this is where the pothead in me starts to come out & my analogies get weird.

This field is NEW to this dog. Other dogs see a field like this and just look for a place to piss. Maybe because they’ve seen it already or had a moment like this 2 days ago. But for these particular 5 minutes, this dog is LIVING THE LIFE. It’s NEW. Until his Hipster Dog friend with a Hipster Dog blog walks by, looks at him through his over sized 80’s, non prescription doggles and starts to whine “That field is soooooooo yesterday. I can’t believe you are running and bouncing like that. So lame”. One of my biggest peeves in the world are people who critique shit that they have no right to critique. I know that I’m guilty from time to time but I do my best to think before I speak because I’ve looked like a total ass many times in the past.

I’m playing what I want today. Some of it’s new. Some of it’s deep. Some of it’s commercial and you may have heard it in heavy rotation on some rock station. If you tweet me, email me or talk crap on me in your podcast in a week I’m going to smile, laugh & document it in my scrapbook of shit about ME.

But my point is this, If you haven’t heard it before, it makes you smile, tap your foot or run through a field like the above dog, then I’ve done a good job. Happy day! Enjoy the show. Enjoy the other fun vids I found. Thanks for letting me Invade your Space!

Tedd   Teddroman@indie1031.com   @TeddRoman

BTW, here are the other videos I was mentioning. This is what I do on the weekends. WTF?

Also a quick note that if you make it to the bottom of this page there’s a link to free concert tix.

 He-Man is “Sexy & He knows it” (LMFAO video)


Disney = Masturbation

J. Scott Campbell is my new hero!



Where’s the beef? (Yes I went there)


Free Tix n stuff!




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Jan 10

Space Invaded – 1/10/12

Ohhhhhhh so much to do today in ohhhhhhhhh so little time.

First thing – I’m going to post a jpg of the Coachella lineup poster in about 40 different places on various social media platforms because I’m SURE you HAVEN’T seen it yet.

Am I the only one who’s panic attack has already begun to set in from the thought of all those people crowding me in the hell-hot desert where water is in short supply and the hit you snuck from the “totally down to earth & genuine person” you JUST met is likely much more than you bargained for? Probably not. Get the Xanax ready now! As a matter of fact, stock up on them. Maybe you can make some extra coin by selling said Xanax outside the show.
While I play a few selections from artists performing at CoacHELLa, here’s a video of that guy I mentioned you snuck a puff from –


Along with some great new music to throw at you, I’ve managed to put a basket full of free tickets to the following shows. To get a hold of these you have to be able to follow directions and say nice things to the DJ (That’s me)


On another note, and this goes out to the guys (or possibly a really awesomely open minded lady), have you ever gotten a CHUB from a cartoon and then suddenly realized that shit in the video had just gotten weird but you kept watching? If not, check this video out and then tell me what’s going through your head right after.

Teddroman@indie1031.com or @TeddRoman



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Jan 3

Space Invaded for…. Is it really January 3rd?

 I think I consumed enough alcohol over the past two weeks to kill a small elephant and it’s definitely taken it’s toll. Happy 2012 everyone! Cheers to liver pains & detoxification. Tips on drying out are more than welcomed. 

Today’s show is gonna be loose. Fly by the seat of my pants loose. Not sure what we’re doing but will do my best to make it fun. 

Be sure to give the Space Invaded Radio Facebook page a “LIKE” 

Email any song suggestions, driving tips, hot fishing spots, or risque photos to teddroman@indie1031.com

I’ve got more tix to some great Indie1031.com shows to hand out including-

Indie1031.com & Nederlander Presents Adam Ant @ The Grove Of Anaheim on 2/25

Indie1031.com & Goldenvoice Presents Dengue fever & Secret Chiefs 3 @ The El Rey on 1/27

Mutemath @ Club Nokia on 2/2

Enjoy the show!


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