Feb 28

Space Invaded -2/28 Drunk songs or guilty pleasures – Help

Hola everyone. Hope all is well in the land of YOU!

Today on the show the band Soft Swells will be dropping by the  Indie1031.com studios for a quick performance to promote their new album “Soft Swells” out today. It’s pretty damn good. I’m sue you’ve heard the song “Put It on the Line” that we’ve been playing on Indie1031. If not, here’s a link to the band’s FB page for a listen.

Until the band shows up I need to figure out what to play. Shall it be DRINKIN’ songs or GUILTY PLEASURES?

Shoot me an email or a message on Twitter – @TeddRoman  with your thoughts. In the meantime, enjoy a drunk Hillbilly video.


Feb 28

A trip to the dispensary for a brownie may be in order

I think I may have to stop by my local “shop” on the way home to pick up a brownie. Just so I can sit back and really enjoy this ridiculously awesome time lapse video of the night sky by Randy Halverson & Temporal Distortion. AMAZING!


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Feb 17

Finally getting a grasp of this “DUBSTEP” crap

This video has helped me to better understand the fascination some have with “DUBSTEP”. I feel as though I’m  a better human being all around for having watched it. Hopefully you do too.



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Feb 7

Space Invaded 2/7/12

For this week’s show I’ve decided to pull out two albums that I absolutely LOVE and spin them from front to back, top to bottom, side to side, so on and so forth. The first is Dramarama’s Cinéma Vérité.
Yes, this is the album that contains “Anything Anything”. The song that people still call the station to ask “What’s that song that goes I’ll give you anything??”. Cinéma Vérité is by far, as far as I’m concerned, one of the greatest albums you’ve never heard. It’s highly underrated and something EVERYONE should own.

 Track list is as follows-

1. “Visiting The Zoo”
2. “Questions?”
3. “Scenario”
4. “Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You)”
5. “Femme Fatale”
6. “Candidate”
7. “Some Crazy Dame”
8. “Etc.”
9. “Transformation”
10. “All I Want”
11. “Emerald City”


The second album for “Straight Through” is Gotye’s Making Mirrors. Not really much to say here other than the album is great and it’s growing on me more each day. Everyone knows “Somebody That I Used To KNow”. Here’s your chance to fall in love with the rest of the album. Just to make it a little more interesting for you, I’ve included a mini documentary on how Wally (that’s his name) recorded the album. I must say, it’s pretty awesome. Please enjoy.



MAKING MIRRORS track listing-

1. “Making Morrors”
2. “Easy Way Out”
3. “Somebody That I Used To Know” (Feat. Kimbra)
4. “Eyes Wide Open”
5. “Smoke and Mirrors”
6. “I Feel Better”
7. “In Your Light”
8. “State of the Art”
9. “Don’t Worry, Well Be Watching You”
10. “Giving Me a Chance”
11. “Save Me”
12. “Bronte”