Mar 27

SPACE INVADED returns to 5/15/12


Taking some time to put together a bigger & better S.I.R. for Also lining up some fun stuff for Coachella in the way of band/artist interviews. The show returns to Indie on 5/15/12. Thanks to all who have sent messages wondering where in the F_ _ K the show has been.¬†We’ll be back sooner than soon!

In the meantime, enjoy these dipshits on trampolines, hot girls dressed like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and video on how to impress those Ninja Turtles in lingerie with a home made Vortex Cannon.



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Mar 20

SPACE INVADED returns to 5/15/12

Hey peeps. Hoping all is well.
I’ll be taking a bit of a break from the weekly “Space Invaded” Tuesdays. Doing some prepping for Coachella fun and lining up a few other awesome, amazing, wonderful, stupendous, killer, bitchen, kick ass segments for the show as well as

Space Invaded returns to the schedule May 15th with all new guests, live performances & more. Until then I’ll be posting random crap (one man’s trash… ya know?) that amuses me. Please enjoy a tutorial on how to properly wield a Lightsaber.


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